What is Crime Stoppers International?

It is an umbrella organization operated by a volunteer board of directors from Crime Stoppers programs worldwide that establishes guidelines to assure consistency. The aim of Crime Stoppers International is to establish local programs in countries around the world.

The organization hosts an annual training conference and supports regional leadership and training programs. It has also established a worldwide computer network to link programs and provides a periodic publication, the Caller, which is the official voice of Crime Stoppers International. 

  • The various programs in communities worldwide fund Crime Stoppers International through membership dues and some of the other services provided by the organization includes:
  • An annual awards program to recognize excellence in Crime Stoppers.
  • An operations manual to assist new programs to establish and guide established Crime Stoppers programs.
  • Overseeing training and organizing forums for the exchange of ideas.
  • Providing legal services for member programs and maintaining a case law file to assist in defending any legal challenges.